Beneficial Brokers, LLC, can provide YOU, the note holder,
with immediate
CASH for your future monthly payments.

To view an Owner Financing video, please click here.

To clarify, though, Beneficial Brokers, LLC is NOT the note
buyer.  Rather, I am an independent agent of a NATIONAL
purchaser of structured court settlements, lottery winnings,
annuities, business notes, and privately-held mortgage notes
since 1993.  Please click here for their funding guidelines.

Therefore, I ask that you review, sign, and then
fax the non-circumvent agreement to 1-800-603-9940.
Please click here to download this agreement.

To illustrate my role in a Mortgage Note sale transaction,
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The SOURCE of your monthly income stream can be from the sale
of your home, a business, lottery winning, or structured court
(a.k.a. an annuity).  

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      Microsoft Word format, then please click here.


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                                       If you would like to complete the Settlement Quote document in
                                       Microsoft Word format, then please click here.

As a note holder,


with the cash flow .
The cash flow industry refers to the buying
by an institutional investor) and selling
by a note holder) of an income stream
monthly payments received from the home
buyer and remitted to the home seller
in the secondary mortgage markets.

The cash flow industry fills a void for note owners carrying,
for example,

that are not recognized by traditional lending

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