New, Easy Sell-It-Yourself Sales Method
Attracts Eager, Motivated Home Buyers Like
A Steel Magnet

The secret to selling your home fast lies hidden in a little-known quick sales technique.  It can sell your
home in record time and produces highly motivated buyers.  The method is simple to apply and as
easy as mowing the lawn.

But this strategy is rarely used.  Thatís why you probably have never heard of it.  Sales agents wonít
tell you much about it.  If they do, then they will lose listings.  However, no sales agent is needed.  Thatís
the wonder of it.

In fact, the government says around 15% of homes for sale use this speedy sales strategy.  The rest
are at the mercy of soft economies or slow real estate markets.  Homes in this 15% category always sell
quickly in spite of market conditions.

Home sellers in the 15% category do not work much harder selling their home.  Once you apply this
tested strategy, you will begin to produce anxious buyers.  These buyers are eager and want to make a
deal quickly.

Iím not kidding.  You could have the finest home on the block.  If you try to sell it the slow, aggravating
way that average home sellers use, then it can be upsetting.  It is almost as frustrating as riding a tricycle
on the freeway.

Now donít worry.  Stay with me because I will teach you how to sell your house quickly.  Just like the fast-
selling 15%, it is a unique sell-it-yourself method that is QUICK, EASY, and SAFE.

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Imagine yourself with this problem

Put yourself inside this personal experience.  You have a house that you need to sell.  You want to sell it
yourself and save money.  You face a huge financial debt.  Plus you have a deadline to meet.  So you
desperately need fast sales action.

You obtain some sales advice from a friend.  Then you place your house on the market.  Things go as slow
as "molasses in January".  It is agonizing.  There is some interest from potential buyers, but they have to
check with their bank.  The delays, hassles, and red tape seem endless.  The whole process drives you nuts.
It is like being forced into a corner.

Two weeks later a home down the street from yours is put up for sale.  It sells in less than a month.  This
amazes you because your home is more deluxe and dollar for dollar a better value.  It has a good location
and is well advertised.  Yet the home down the street sold quickly.  What is a person supposed to do?

The Answer to your problem

You get the answer when a man named Leonard calls on your house.  Leonard does not want to buy the
house and is not a sales agent, but he has plenty of experience selling homes that he has owned before.

Leonard reveals something to you that is astounding.  He says, "You are blocking people from buying your
house.  That is why your home is not selling".  Youíre outraged and ask, "Is there something wrong with my

Leonard explains that the problem is not the house.  You have to blast away barriers that are stopping
people from buying it.  Leonard says, "The biggest barrier is the highly-regulated banking industry.  Good
home buyers get turned down all the time for financing.  It is caused by the rigid guidelines that banks
require in order to qualify for a loan".

"Most of these buyers have decent jobs, reasonable credit, and the ability to pay for a home.  These are the
people that you want to sell to".

Leonard says, "The average seller stops good buyers from purchasing their house.  They are not aware of a
powerful marketing technique.  It is a simple technique that crushes the barrier.  This strategy IMMEDIATELY
creates sales motivation for buyers.  Selling your home is a breeze".

You ask Leonard:  "Is it important to advertise the features of the home?  Perhaps have an open house?"
Leonard explains that those methods have their place.  However, when you use this sales strategy you will
get sales results faster than with any other method used on the planet.

The sales results can be dramatic.  It sends a powerful message to every buyer that is loud and clear:

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Eager Buyers Compete to buy your house

You instantly realize that you have discovered a phenomenal "secret sales weapon".  Your house will be
irresistible to buyers.

You begin to apply the strategy.  The results are amazing.  You canít believe how easy it is.  In fact it
seems too easy.

But when you find out that the house down the street, the one that sold in less than a month, had used
the same strategy you realize that it is not just luck.

The sales strategy requires you to make some changes in your newspaper ad.  Then you run it in the
next edition of the paper.  The morning that the ad comes out, you are not able to shower and shave until
noon.  The calls are so steady that you have to hold an all day open house to accommodate all of the interest. 
Can you imagine having as many as 4 people looking at the house at the same time?

Talk about competition.  Four people want the house but there is only one house to buy.  If you had 4 houses,
then you probably could have sold all of them.

I probably am bragging a little.  But I have to admit that the attention is awesome.  The best part is that
you get what you want; that is, a fast sale for all cash at market value.

Leonardís Secret Sales Strategy is shared with others

A few weeks after you sold your home, a friend asks if she could sell her house the same way.  You tell her
about Leonardís "secret sales weapon".

Leonard outlines the strategy and even makes some improvements.  She finds it simple to follow and marvels
how easy it is to get the same sales results as you.

The next time someone approaches Leonard, he has written an entire volume on the easy way to copy the
sales results.

It is written in simple, easy to understand language.

You or anyone who needs to sell a home fast can copy LeonardĎs strategy.

It makes no difference where you live, the size of your town, or the condition of your home.  Leonardís quick
sales strategy shows you how to sell your home in record time.

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Are you eager to get a Fast Home Sale?

I have assembled a sensational program that reveals everything you need to get started plus all of the
little-known techniques for selling your home fast.

The strategies are easy to follow.  They are proven.  You will have incredible control selling your home
yourself.  You will get the knowledge you need to blast away the sales barriers and eliminate the emotion of
getting your home sold now.

Listen, this information provides you with new solutions.  These solutions get sales action fast.  The program
is not some pie-in-the-sky theory.  It is based on sound facts.  You can use the techniques legally and ethically
anywhere in the USA.  Best of all, you can use the strategies yourself with no need for a sales agent.

Hereís how to get some Free Guidance

You can call Beneficial Brokers, LLC TOLL-FREE at 1-800-603-9940, and you will receive personal, non-biased advice
on working this strategy.  You will not be alone.  I will be available as often as possible.  

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Study this letter, donít wait.  Your opportunity to learn this strategy is limited.  It is essential for you to know if
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Sincerely yours, for a fast home sale,

Doug Iles
Beneficial Brokers, LLC
TOLL-FREE:  1-800-603-9940
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Hereís what is being said about this program


I sold my rental home to the first couple who looked at it.  I had it up for sale for only 10 days and I received
over 100 calls in the 1st week from following your methods of advertising.  I had been so busy with work that
I didnít have time to even show it or call back people for the 1st 10 days.  It cost me $50 in all for advertising.
My rental unit had been rented out for 3 years with no repair during that time.  As a result, it needed $10,000
in repairs.  I didnít even have to repair anything because your methods found me a buyer that paid me $2,000
over the appraised price.

John Alexander

San Antonio, TX.


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